Event Countdown & Promotion Planner 

Stay on top of your promotional activities. With Event Promotion Planner, you can plot, plan, and monitor all your events – physical or virtual – in a single dashboard.

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Using this event template, you'll be able to:

Keep a single glance for all your events. 

Don't let those crucial dates slip through the cracks - with just a few clicks, easily maintain a single source of truth with all your event dates without ever worrying about double-booking.

Pace your promotional activities like a pro.

The annual calendar view lets you check out all the events that are coming up and plan your promotional activities accordingly. Meanwhile, the date calculator lets you quickly identify key dates for your event. 

Easily plan a promotional timeline for an individual event. 

Plot out and harmonize promotion timelines for each marketing channel. Save time and resources by planning ahead when email blasts, social media messages, and website content will be released. 

Get event promotion right.

Maintain a single source of truth for all your event dates, calculate the proper pacing for your promotional activities, and figure out in advance when to send out your event messages.

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